The 2018 Marin Year of the Older Adult will include a year-long calendar of events and programs focusing on the vitality, contributions and challenges of Marin’s older adult residents. The program will also initiate new policies, programs and resources to promote an age-friendly Marin County.

Project Goals

  1. Promote Marin as a great place to grow old
  2. Bring all ages together to understand and celebrate the social, cultural and economic contributions of Marin’s older adults
  3. Raise community awareness of ageism affecting the opportunities that an older population bring to Marin
  4. Align and showcase collaborations between and among neighbors, businesses, government, education and community organizations to expand opportunities for older adults
  5. Identify new strategies, programs, and resources to support and address the needs of Marin’s older population.
2018 is Marin Year of the Older Adult


  • Jan 23 Board of Supervisors Resolution  more
  • Feb 28 Age-Friendly Plans & Update from Supervisor Rodoni  more
  • Mar 1 Commission on Aging March presentation, "The Encore Movement: The Pursuit of Purpose in Post-midlife”  more
  • Apr 3 "Aging Equity and Reframing Convening" - Aging Action Initiative  more
  • Apr 18 to Jun 1 “80 over 80” – Bartolini Gallery  more
  • Apr 24 "Mother Lear" - Marin Veteran's Memorial Auditorium  more
  • May 3 Commission on Aging - May Health Forum  more
  • May 8 "Mother Lear" - Marin Veteran's Memorial Auditorium  more
  • May 11 to May 17 "Lives Well Lived" Documentary - Smith Rafael Film Center  more
  • May 23 Jewish Family and Children's Services Seniors at Home "Aging with Style Series"  more
  • May 29 to Jun 27 Instructor-led exercises sponsored by Marin County Parks  more
  • Jun 3 Senior Stroll at Old St. Hilary’s  more
  • Jun 4 H&HS Learning Lab Series "Community Coalitions to Improve Dementia Capable Care"  more
  • Jun 15 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – North Bay Elder Justice Summit  more
  • Jun 24 Senior Stroll at Bahia  more
  • Jun 30 to Jul 4 Marin County Fair  more
  • Jul 17 Senior Stroll on the Earthquake Trail  more
  • Aug 7 Senior Stroll at Santa Margarita Island  more
  • Aug 13 to Oct 8 A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns about Falls - Corte Madera Library  more
  • Aug 13 to Oct 8 A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns about Falls - Novato Library  more
  • Aug 23 to Oct 11 A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns about Falls - San Rafael Community Center  more
  • Oct 5 to Oct 9 Mill Valley Film Festival - "Art Paul of Playboy: The Man Behind the Bunny"  more
  • Oct 5 to Oct 6 Mill Valley Film Festival - "The Guardians"  more
  • Oct 11 to Oct 12 Mill Valley Film Festival - "The Whistleblower of Mai Lai"  more
  • Oct 24 Marin County Senior Information Fair  more
  • Nov 3 Marin Financial Planning Day  more
  • Nov 9 Health and Human Services Learning Lab: Cognitive Wellness in Older Adults  more
  • Dec 6 Commission on Aging Meeting: Legislative Update for 2019  more

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